Our Bylaws

(Green Party of the Mid Columbia)

Article I. NAME – The name of this organization shall be “Green Party of the Mid-Columbia.”

Article II. FUNCTION OF THE ORGANIZATION 2.1 Function Statement - This organization shall work toward a Green society as represented by the Ten Key Values of the Green Party - Ecological Wisdom, Non-Violence, Community-based Economics, Respect for Diversity, Future Focus, Social Justice, Grassroots Democracy, Decentralization, Feminism, Personal and Global Responsibility


2.2 Methods – This organization may use any and all methods of non-violent change: direct action, community organizing, and education, personal empowerment, issue campaigns, ballot initiatives, and/or electoral campaign and their related strategies and tactics. Article III. MEMBERSHIP


3.1 Application for Membership – Membership in Green Party of the Mid-Columbia is open to any and all residents of these five counties of Washington State: Benton, Franklin, Walla Walla, Yakima, and Klickitat, counties. Other residents of southeast Washington that do not yet have a local Green Party may also participate provided they pay dues or request a financial hardship waiver. A membership applicant shall sign an application form that states that the applicant is in general agreement with the Ten Key Values and the Bylaws of the Green Party of Washington. Steps will be taken to protect the applicant’s anonymity upon request.


3.2 Powers of Members - Any member may add an item to the agenda of any meeting by consensus or a simple majority of the membership present. Any member has a right to vote at any meeting after thirty days of membership.


3.3 Ineligibility for membership – Any person currently serving or seeking an elected position with another political party, including but not limited to precinct committee officer, shall not be eligible for membership. Article IV. COORDINATING COUNCIL


4.1 Composition – The Coordinating Council of Green Party of the Mid-Columbia shall normally consist of three Officers (or their proxies in their absence): (1) Meeting Facilitator (2) Secretary (3) Treasurer. Other Offices may include a Membership Coordinator and any additional Offices deemed necessary by consensus or a simple or majority vote. Officers shall normally be elected at large at the first general meeting of each year by simple majority of the members present to serve a term of one year.


4.2 Vacancy – If any Council position becomes vacant before the end of the term, the membership at the next general meeting shall decide by a simple majority to elect a replacement or wait until the next regular election. In the absence of any Officer at a regular meeting, the members present may also, by simple majority or consensus, appoint a temporary Designee to fulfill the role of the absent officer if deemed necessary. As membership numbers allow, GPMC may elect Deputy (vice) officers.


4.3 Indemnification – The Coordinating Council members of Green Party of the Mid-Columbia shall be indemnified by Green Party of the Mid-Columbia to the fullest extent permissible by Washington State law.


4.4 Legal Board – The Coordinating Council shall constitute the legal Board of the Party.


4.5 Facilitator – The Facilitator shall schedule and facilitate meetings of the Coordinating Council and the general meetings. Convening the meeting may include preparing the agenda or that task may delegate to the Secretary at least a week (preferably longer) in advance of a meeting.


4.6 Vice-Facilitator – The Vice-Facilitator, in the absence of the Facilitator, shall carry out the duties of the Facilitator.


4.7 Secretary – The Secretary shall announce membership and Coordinating Council meetings through a newsletter or listserv and on the Party website. The Secretary shall take and maintain minutes of meetings by the Coordinating Council and the general membership and make those minutes available to the general membership.


4.8 Treasurer – The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining the financial records of the Party and for timely filing of reports with the appropriate Washington State offices as required by law. The Treasurer shall be the banking officer for all funds, monitoring income and expenses as budgeted by the Coordinating Council.


4.9 Deputy Treasurer (as applicable) – The Deputy Treasurer shall assist the Treasurer with any and all duties, have check writing and signing authority, and take over the duties in the absence of the Treasurer.


4.10 Budget - The budget shall be the responsibility of the Coordinating Council, with the Treasurer authorized to make petty cash purchases and at least 80% approval of the Council required for larger expenditures.


4.11 Removal - Any member of the Coordinating Council may be suspended by a 60% vote of the Coordinating Council to be affirmed by a 75% vote of the membership directly or at the next general meeting. ARTICLE V. MEETINGS


5.1 Coordinating Council Meetings – The Coordinating Council shall meet as needed with a minimum of four meetings per year.


5.2 Membership Meetings - Membership meetings shall be as called with a minimum of four meetings per year. In addition, a meeting may be called at the request of 25% of the voting membership. ARTICLE VI. AUTHORITY


6.1 Authority – Final authority rests with the membership. The membership may delegate and revoke responsibilities to the Coordinating Council and other committees. The Coordinating Council or committee may make decisions with the authority granted by the membership. Minutes of all meetings shall be available at the next general meeting and members may at that subsequent meeting challenge any decision made at which point the contested decision will be put to a vote of the general membership following any discussion.


6.2 Methodology – The Party shall seek consensus on all decisions, hearing all views and concerns in full, subject to time constraints. Where consensus cannot be reached, a minimum 75% majority of a quorum of at least 25% of voting members shall be required for passage. ARTICLE VII. BYLAW AMENDMENTS


7.1 Procedure for Amendments - Proposed amendments must be submitted to the Secretary no later than three weeks prior to the membership meeting at which the proposed amendment(s) shall be considered. In order to be considered, an amendment must have the support of at least three voting members.


7.2 Notification – The Secretary shall communicate to all members at least two weeks in advance of the membership meeting at which an amendment or amendments are to be considered including a) the date, time, and place of the meeting, (b) the complete text of the amendment(s) under consideration and the original text to be replaced if any, and (c) any other information useful in considering the value of the proposed amendment(s).


7.3 Ratification – Ratification shall require a ¾ vote of the membership. ARTICLE VIII. AFFILIATION – Conditional Affiliation with the Green Party of Washington State is authorized, pending final approval of the Affiliation Agreement.